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If you’d like to take advantage of the benefits of soft, chlorine-free water, contact Lester Water today. We’ll provide a free analysis of your current hardness levels and make suggestions for the best treatment options.

Soft, Chlorine-Free Water can make a big difference . . .

clean water in your bathroom   clean water in your kitche

- Soap rinses cleaner with more lather
- Hair feels softer and cleaner
- Stops soap residue and scum
- Eliminates scale on fixtures


- Dishes are cleaner with less spots
- Use less soap in the dishwasher
- Better tasting meals and beverages

clean water in your laundry   clean water in your home

- Saves on detergent and additives
- Clothes are brighter and whiter
- Colored fabrics stay vibrant
- Washing machine operates more efficiently and lasts longer


- Spend less time cleaning
- Water heater is more efficient
- Protect pipes and plumbing fixtures
- Cleaning products work better

Lester Water

Chlorine is often added to public water supplies to kill disease-causing bacteria that the water or its transport pipes might contain; but it can also cause problems with water hardness.  If your water is city-supplied, you may be experiencing symptoms with your water that are less than ideal for your family and your home.

Chlorine is a strong compound that chemically bonds with protein in our hair and skin – often resulting in dry, brittle, dull looking hair and flaky, itchy skin.

Healthy glowing skin depends on a delicate ecological balance of natural bacteria and a very thin layer of non-greasy oils, called lipids.  Chlorine disrupts this natural balance and reacts with lipids to form chlorinated compounds.  Soft, chlorine free water protects this delicate balance, giving your skin that smooth luxurious feel as you shower or bathe.

Click here to view the Always Fresh Drinking Water System that is designed to remove the chlorine that is often added to public water supplies. In addition, it will remove dirt, sediment, lead, cysts, bad taste and odor.

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