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Lester Water has vast experience treating well-supplied water and servicing well systems. Well water often contains higher levels of acidity and iron, which can cause corrosion to plumbing pipes and clothing stains from high mineral content. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, Lester Water can help alleviate the problem with one of our many treatment solutions.

Lester Water

Lester Water installs, replaces and repairs pressure tanks. A pressure or bladder tank works by storing well water under air pressure. When you turn on a faucet, the air pressure in the tank forces the water out. When most of the water is used, the pressure switch turns the pump on to refill the tank. Your tank is the most critical component of your well system, because without a full air charge, your pump will come on prematurely and too often. This short cycling will damage your pump, costing you money.

Water flows out of taps because of pressure in the water system. For most well systems it is a well pump that provides the pressure that makes the water flow.

• Different pumps have different flow capacities, as the overall rate of flow is directly related to the pump capacity. If your household has a 10-gallon per minute demand, there will be trickling water if the pump will only supply five gallons per minute.

• A pressure tank in a water system is designed to have extra gallons of water on reserve so small demands don't require the pump to switch on. An example is turning on a faucet for a few seconds to get a glass of water. However, the tank cannot compensate for flow greater than the pump capacity.

• If you receive your water through a utility pipeline, your location and the age of the utility can impact water pressure. If you live near the end of the line or if the utility's infrastructure is old, you may have to install your own booster pump and pressure tank.

Lester Water Pressure Tank

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To learn more about the well water treatment options available to you, contact Lester Water at 610.444.4660, or toll-free 888-580-3333.

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