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Water System Repair & Installation

At Lester Water, we aim to provide every customer with an honest, quality experience. We strive to repair or service system before suggesting a completely new install. Because we want what’s best for you, your home and your family too.

We install, repair and service water systems for homeowners, builders and property managers throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. And we’ve been doing it for decades.

Water Testing & Inspection

You’re probably using your water for drinking, bathing, rinsing food or washing clothes. If so, we recommend having it tested regularly to ensure it’s safe from bacteria, nitrates, lead and other harmful substances.

Water Treatment System Installation

We’ll assess the type of system requirements that you’ll need. The size of your home, the number of people living there, and other unique aspects can determine what water treatment system is right for you and your family.

Water System Servicing & Repairs

Most water treatment systems require annual service to assure all mechanical components are working properly and at maximum efficiency. Having your system serviced will help prevent expensive repairs or replacements. And with your service, we include testing to ensure your water is safe and clean.

Our Trusted Supplier

Hellenbrand is our go-to supplier when installing new water treatment systems. We know their products inside and out.

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