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Water Treatment Systems

Lester Water has spent decades installing, repairing and servicing water treatment systems.

Well water or municipal water. Drinking it or cleaning with it. We know how to tap into healthier-flowing, better-tasting water.

Below is a guide to our systems, what they’re designed for and if they treat well water, municipal water or both.

SYSTEM TYPES:    well = Well Water    municipal = Municipal Water

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Water Softeners

Water Softeners remove hardness and dissolved iron from your water. You may need a Water Softener if you are having trouble rinsing shampoos and soaps from your hair and skin, your detergents are not making suds, glassware is getting cloudy, white clothes are getting dingy or if you get brown stains in your bath tubs and sinks.

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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

A Reverse Osmosis system, or RO, removes most dissolved ions from your water including sodium ions, hardness, metallic ions, and also most suspended materials and bacteria. You may need an RO system if you are not satisfied with the taste and clarity of your drinking water. A separate faucet near the kitchen sink will dispense RO treated water and a line can also be hooked up to your automatic ice maker for the best tasting water every time.

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A Neutralizer changes/neutralizes your water from acidic water to a neutral value of pH 7. You may need a neutralizer if you are experiencing pinhole leaks in your homes plumbing, frequent water heater replacements, blue-green stains on your sinks and bath tubs or erosion of your faucets.

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Ultra Violet Light Systems

An Ultra Violet Light system uses a UV light source, which is enclosed in a transparent protective sleeve. It is mounted so that water can pass through a flow chamber, and UV rays are admitted and adsorbed into the stream. When ultraviolet energy is absorbed by the reproductive mechanisms of bacteria and viruses, their genetic material is rearranged and they can no longer reproduce. They are therefore considered dead and the risk of disease has been eliminated.

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Carbon Filters

A carbon filter is used to remove bad taste and odors from your water. Virtually any water supply can benefit from a carbon filter.

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Birm Filtration Systems

Birm is an efficient and economical media for the reduction of dissolved iron and manganese compounds in your water. It acts as a catalyst between dissolved oxygen and the undesirable compounds. Birm offers a long material life and only requires periodic backwashing.


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I'm so happy to have a RO system installed at my house! Many thanks to David and Jason for all the help in getting me started with pure drinking water! Great Service!



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